Fly-fine seeks to help deliver justice to all passengers who feel alone and disadvantaged against the huge airlines. We allow you to assert your rights under equal conditions, without feeling intimidated and provide you with all the legal and administrative tools you need.

About Fly-Fine

Fly-fine is the result of its founders' experience in upholding passengers' rights following incidents on European flights. While European people are quite well informed about their rights, this is not the case with passengers from Latin American countries flying to or from Europe. Legally, these passengers have the same rights as Europeans when there are incidents on their flights.

Fly-Fine has been founded by professionals from different countries who, for more than 10 years, have been managing their clients' complaints against airlines that have delivered a poor service. As a response to the need for a unified, specialized and effective service, Fly-Fine has been set up to focus all its efforts on obtaining successful results for all our clients, wherever they may be.

The Fly-Fine team consists of engineers, lawyers and other professionals of various nationalities from different fields. This multidisciplinary international team not only ensures the best possible legal processing, it also makes the whole experience of entrusting Fly-Fine with claiming your passenger rights second to none.

You have already suffered too many problems as a passenger. Rely on us; we are here to take care of your complaints while you wait calmly, with nothing to worry about.