Lost baggage

Damages caused by the loss, delayed delivery or damage suffered by baggage are governed by the Montreal Convention of 1999. This legal framework establishes that the airline is liable for damages caused by destruction, loss or damage to checked baggage on condition that the event causing such destruction, loss or damage has occurred on board the aircraft or during the period when the baggage was in the charge of the carrier.

The legislation establishes that the maximum indemnity for each piece of baggage amounts to 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights), which is a type of currency defined by the IMF and equivalent to approximately €1,400 (US$1,600) in 2016. The indemnity depends on each particular case and will be calculated according to the damages duly reported by passengers.

Concerning delayed baggage delivery, baggage is considered delayed during the 21 days following the date when it should have arrived. After this period, baggage will be considered lost.

If you do not receive your baggage in the relevant baggage claim area at the airport or if you receive your baggage in a damaged state, we strongly recommend passengers to leave proof immediately in the airline offices, otherwise the baggage is deemed to have been collected normally. If no proof is left, passengers have no evidence to prove damage, delay or loss, or the airline's liability at a later date. This evidence is provided by filling the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) before leaving the airport. This document is also necessary for lodging any subsequent complaint. The form can be found on the airline desk in the baggage claim area of all airports, and must be stamped by the airline.

There are deadlines for lodging the corresponding complaints. For damages to baggage, you have a maximum of 7 days from the reception. For delays, there is a period of 21 days from the date when the delayed baggage was received. As for lost baggage, you first need to wait for the 21 days during which baggage is considered delayed. After these 21 days, the baggage must be claimed as lost. The maximum time for lodging a complaint is 2 years from the date of the flight.

Claiming compensation

We can claim this compensation for you - we are experts in doing it. Please send us your details and we will contact you to study your situation in depth. This preliminary study costs you nothing and, if we think there is a basis for your case under the Montreal Convention, we will process your claim whether extrajudicial or judicial, also without charge.

Only if you actually receive compensation will we deduct our fees, equivalent to 25% of the final amount received + VAT. We assure you that if you do not receive compensation, we will not charge you any fee for the whole process. Please remember that we charge you only if you receive your money. We charge you only if you get paid.

The following documents will be necessary during the process:

  • Boarding pass(es) of the affected passenger(s).
  • PIR (Property Irregularity Report), one for each piece of baggage.
  • Baggage tickets with the number of each suitcase.
  • Invoices, tickets, receipts and any other documents proving damages as a result of the delay, loss or damage to the baggage.
  • A power of attorney (draft document shall be enclosed) to represent you before the airline.

Suggestions about what to do if your baggage is damaged, mislaid or lost:

  • Keep your flight ticket/flight booking.
  • Keep your original boarding pass.
  • Claim before leaving the airport and keep the PIR which has been duly signed and registered at the airline desk.
  • Do not give any original documents to the airline, even if they ask you to do so.
  • Keep all tickets and/or bills for expenses you incur because you do not have your baggage: personal hygiene products, clothing, etc.