Overbooking or denied boarding

European legislation lays down that if an airline denies boarding to any passengers, airlines must call for volunteers to give up their bookings in exchange for certain benefits to be agreed with the airline. If, after calling for volunteers, the airline has to deny boarding to other passengers against their will, the affected passengers are entitled to information, assistance, reimbursement or alternative transport and to financial compensation.

It should be remembered that, for passengers to be able to demand the rights laid down in the European regulations, the flight must be between European airports, or the airport of departure must be in the European Union, or the flight must be operated by a European company to a European city.

If all the above conditions are met, you are entitled to legal compensation amounting to:

  • € 250 for flights covering a distance under 1,500 kilometres
  • € 400 for flights covering a distance between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres
  • € 600 for flights covering a distance of over 3,500 kilometres

Claiming compensation

We can claim this compensation for you - we are experts in doing it. Please send us your details and we will contact you to study your situation in depth. This preliminary study costs you nothing and, if we think there is a basis for your case under European legislation, we will process your claim whether extrajudicial or judicial, also without charge.

Only if you actually receive compensation will we deduct our fees, equivalent to 25% of the final amount received + VAT. We assure you that if you do not receive compensation, we will not charge you any fee for the whole process. Please remember that you will only be charged when you receive your money. We charge you only if you get paid.

Claim with us

The following documents will be necessary during the process:

  • Boarding pass(es) of the affected passenger(s).
  • Original tickets or flight route issued by e-mail, with the original flight numbers.
  • Copy of the claim to the airline, stamped (if a complaint has already been lodged).
  • Invoices, tickets, receipts and any other documents proving any damages suffered as a result of the overbooking or denied boarding.
  • A power of attorney (draft document shall be enclosed) to represent you before the airline.

Suggestions about what to do if there is overbooking or denied boarding on your flight:

  • Keep your flight ticket/flight booking.
  • Keep your original boarding pass, if you have already checked in.
  • Do not give any original documents to the airline, even if they ask you to do so.
  • Keep all tickets and/or bills for any expenses you may have incurred due to the overbooking or denied boarding: meals, taxis, hotels, etc.
  • Make a formal complaint to the company, with a stamped copy.